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Access Super Audit

Genesis Framework: Access Super Audit Firm: We had a challenge on improvising or say revamping the current website into something that was better and fits into the current marketing trends. Hence, we had to come up with complete customization.


This project that had a lot of useful information to convey, we had to be very smart with the design and especially content presentation.
We had to well customize the content so as to convey more with less content.


Before we could move forward on the new design, we had a full analysis on visitor behavior over the current website
All this analysis helped us focus on how and in what way we should revamp the existing website.
We came up with some key ideas that would give the existing website a new fresh look!

Clean UI with ease of user experience:

We tried making it simple and clean!
We used the icon based concept for promoting the services hence making the content readable and to the point, more information with less content.
We had it all customized so that it could serve the business purpose better.

Genesis Framework:

Genesis enables you build a website which is secure and which is already search engine optimized and is highly customizable.
It offered our client with a lot of customization and useful plugin Integrations with easy website management.


The result was an informative and interactive design which was able to generate leads.